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ECO-SOLUTION Co. Ltd. is a private company established in 1999. Initially the company provided engineering and consulting services in the technical and geodetic fields but during subsequent years it enhanced its business with trade and commercial services to end up with the core interest focused on the power engineering sector. The company’s name is closely related to the early period of its activities when engineering and consulting services were accompanied with research studies and technical analyses as well as the company was involved in waste management projects and comprehensive surveys of environment protection.

Our offer is chiefly addressed to companies and organizations that run their businesses in the power engineering sector as well as to enterprises from the chemical and heavy industries. We provide services in the fields of civil engineering, refurbishment and overhauls, erection and installation projects with particular attention to installation of electric equipment and facilities, deliveries and revamping of equipment for power engineering and other industrial sectors with comprehensive supervision and management for projects.

Our advantage consists in a very broad scope of offered services, experienced managing staff as well as a team of highly educated and trained personnel who follow very strict and precisely defined procedures and codes developed during collaboration with the largest companies from the power engineering sector.

Our past experience includes participation in key upgrade and revamping projects completed on facilities of such companies

  • PGiEK Elektrownia Bełchatów
  • PGiEK Elektrownia Opole
  • PGiEK Elektrownia Turów
  • Enea Elektrownia Kozienice
  • Tauron Elektrownia Jaworzno
  • EDF EC. Gdańsk
  • EDF EC. Gdynia
  • EDF EC. Kraków
  • EDF EC. Wrocław
  • Synthos Dwory Sp. z o.o.
  • Ciech S.A.
  • PCC Rokita
  • International Paper Kwidzyń
  • Tauron EC. Nowa
  • EDF Rybnik

which confirms that our company is a reliable service provider, open for new challenges, continuous development and ready to cope with new tasks and execution of new contracts.
We are looking forward for collaboration.

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