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Peeler Centrifuges

Designed to handle a wide spectrum of materials, including Pharmaceuticals this range of machines offers process cleanliness without operator intervention. The design ensures a crevice-free polished internal finish with no dead areas. The peeler knife mechanism facilitates the complete removal of the product heel. Where necessary, a through-the-wall configuration completely isolates product and process from the actual machine operation and maintenance area. Peelers can be produced in a wide range of materials, and all incorporate advanced PLC control systems. Nitrogen purging is an option.


• Suitable for hygiene-critical applications.
• User friendly CIP system, fully opening casing -100% basket inspection.
• Batch integrity : batch to batch containment: no cross contamination
• Filter and decanting versions.
• Capacity per charge from 60 to over 800 Litres.
• Conformity with CE regulations, EN12547, ISO 9001, and all relevant standards, including cGMP where required.

Equipment range

An wide range of basket sizes are available.

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