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Batch centrifuges

Our range of Vertical Axis Basket Centrifuges is versatile and well-suited to the separation of pharmaceuticals and fine or bulk chemicals. As with all Broadbent designs of chemical centrifuges, the range is available in a wide variety of materials of construction. Nitrogen purging and designs suitable for use in Zone I hazardous areas are available.

  • Designed for pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals
  • Maximum product containment
  • Electric variable speed drive and plough system
  • Capacities from 5 to over 1250 Litres
  • Excellent cake washing facilities
  • Minimum solids breakage
  • Advanced multi-recipe PLC controls
  • CIP and cGMP options for all sizes
  • Conformity with CE regulations, EN 12 547, IS09001 and all relevant standards.
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