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ECO-SOLUTION has service agreement with Broadbent – a company that specialises in solving process separation problems. The company has developed this expertise by working closely with the world’s process industries – from their formative years in the mid-nineteenth century until their present day emergence as global enterprises.

Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd. 150 years in separation technology.

Broadbent also finds that its own heritage – nurtured from its foundation in 1864 – is still a springboard to the future, and so the company is well set to maintain its hard-won position at the leading edge of separation  technology. For Broadbent, constant innovation has been central to the company’s success. Continuous research and development, and application of the latest design techniques – together with careful business development – have consistently enabled the company to meet Customer needs.

With over a century of experience in the process and laundry industries Broadbent has vast applications knowledge supplemented by extensive data from in- house laboratory work and product trials. In order to meet the goals of innovative product design and excellence in Customer support, Broadbent is structured into divisions each dedicated to serving an individual market area. All divisions use trained staff knowledgeable in the needs and remands of industrial users worldwide. The Service Division underpins the whole of Broadbent’s worldwide activity. It provides essential after-care that gives machines and equipment a lifetime of effective operation. Nothing is outside the scope of this service and all users of Broadbent equipment are promptly and fully supported – no matter the location.


  • Specialist in solid – liquid separation equipment, centrifuges and centrifuge systems and laundry machinery.
  • All products and systems are supported by class – leading service.
  • Worldwide supplier : serving the spectrum of process industries – chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, oil & gas, sugar, sweeteners, laundry and textiles, and including related environmental management & protection sectors.
  • Design facilities are available for special and non – standard equipment.
  • Extensive dedicated in – house manufacturing and testing facilities providing equipment built to international standards.


Among the centrifuges produced by the company Broadbent, we can mention:

  • Horizontal basket centrifuges.
  • Vertical batch basket centrifuges
  • Scroll/screen centrifuges
  • Pilot and laboratory centrifuges
  • Flue gas desulphurisation centrifuges (FGD)
  • Geotechnical centrifuges
  • Oil & gas centrifuges
  • Continuous standard SPV sugar centrifugals
  • High – grade SPVH continuous centrifugals
  • Batch sugar centrifugals
  • From single machines to complete laundry processing systems

More information can be found in the brochure (PDF).

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