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Vertical disc centrifuges

Our offer includes high-speed, vertical discs centrifugal separators for continuous separation of two immiscible liquids and solids.

A rotating bowl together with a stack of discs and a centrifugal force (up to 13,000 times greater than the G-force) provide better separation efficiency and operating performance.

The self-cleaning discs centrifugal separator has an additional function of automatic discharge of solid substance collected, assuring the continuous process.

The separator is delivered as an independent unit or a fully equipped module.


Main features:

– high efficiency continuous separation;

– a conical stack of discs arranged close to each other;

– its capacity ranges from 200 to 40,000 litres/hour;

– easy operation, cleaning, and maintenance;

– automatic duty cycle with monitoring and alarms;

– units are designed according to customer’s specifications, including


o configuration for specific environments (Atex, marine, etc.);

o materials to handle hazardous products (caustic, corrosive, erosive, explosive, etc.);

o hard connections made in line with local standards;

o certificates to assure conformity with international standards.


Our vertical disc centrifugal separators are supplied by an Italian company – Macfuge.



  1. Chemical, petrochemical industry and industrial biotechnology

Both in chemistry and “white” biotechnologies, mechanical separation technologies constitute a component of many processes.

In separation processes centrifuges and separators clarify liquids, separate their mixtures, classify, or dewater a solid phase and extract component substances.

  1. Mineral oil industry and processing

Wherever oil is extracted or processed, waste containing oil is generated. Machines and systems of MACFUGE company provide environment friendly solutions in the raw material processing industry.

  1. Separation of plastics

Centrifuges play an important role also in the separation of plastics and their recycling.

They provide cost-efficient recycling of plastics through separation of their different types.

  1. Oil and fats

Centrifuges are often the most important component of various systems for extraction of oil and fats, as well as for production of biofuels. Therefore, they can take very different shapes:

  • olive oil extraction
  • palm oil production and refining
  • seed oil refining
  • pressed oil refining
  • biodiesel production
  1. Chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, biotechnology 

There are a lot of applications of centrifugal separators possible in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries

  • production of lactose and casein in the dairy industry
  • recycling of plastics
  • algae harvesting
  • soymilk production
  • wheat starch production
  • drying of polymers


  1. Production of beverages:

The mechanical separation technology in production of beverages optimizes revenues and assures a stable quality.

  • production of fruit juice, direct juice, and vegetable juice
  • production of beer
  • production of wine
  • production of coffee and instant coffee

Chemia, petrochemia i przemysłowa biotechnologiaZarówno w chemii jak i w białych biotechnologiach technologie oddzielania mechanicznego stanowią część składową wielu procesów.

W procesach oddzielania wirówki i separatory klarują ciecze, rozdzielają mieszaniny cieczy, klasyfikują lub odwadniają fazę stałą i ekstrahują substancje składowe.

Rozdzielanie tworzyw sztucznych

Wirówki odgrywają ważna rolę także w procesie rozdzielania tworzyw sztucznych oraz w ich recyklingu.

Zapewniają ekonomiczny recykling tworzyw sztucznych poprzez rozdzielenie różnych ich rodzajów.

Przemysł i przerób oleju mineralnego

Wszędzie tam, gdzie pozyskuje się lub przetwarza olej, powstają zawierające olej odpady.

Maszyny oraz systemy firmy MACFUGE stanowią przyjazne dla środowiska rozwiązania w przemyśle przetwarzania surowców.

Firma Eco-Solution jest przedstawicielem firmy MACFUGE, producenta włoskich maszyn służących do separacji oraz oczyszczania substancji ciekłych.
Maszyny firmy MACFUGE wykorzystywane są w takich przemysłach jak: biodiesel, oleje mineralne, oleje roślinne, chemia, farmaceutyka, browarnictwo oraz wiele innych.

Disc centrifugal separators

Disc centrifugal separator MACFUGE 181 OM M 2 S

A module for oil clarifying with a bypass – Model MACFUGE 181 OM M 2 S X

Macfuge 181 separator is a solid bowl-type centrifuge designed and built to separate a mixture of two liquids and a solid with a different specific weight.

MACFUGE 181 OM M 2 S disc separator is designed and made for separation in 3 continuous phases (liquid/liquid/solid).

separatary talerzowe macfuge
separator talerzowy macfuge

Disc separators and their operating principle.

With the reference to a figure: the product is introduced into the rotating bowl via an inlet pipe (Ref. 5) and through a distributor (Ref. 8) it is transferred onto a stack of discs (Ref. 7) where separation takes place;

– a light liquid phase is extracted by means of a centripetal pump (Ref.4);

– a heavy liquid phase is extracted by dropping, whereas the solid phase is collected inside a sedimentation chamber (Ref.6). The main structure of the bowl is made of stainless steel, while a base plate is made of paint-coated cast iron. Gaskets are made of FPM. The centrifuge is a separator that stops solids; it operates in the continuous liquid phase and collects separated solids into the bowl. Periodically, depending on the content of solid particles in the product to be treated, the device must be stopped, opened, cleaned by removing all solids separated, and then closed again, ready for restart. It has a very simple mechanical structure to provide easy and quick maintenance, both routine and additional. The rotating movement of the bowl is transmitted by a belt from the main motor without a coupling used. Once standard operating conditions are reached – a sound level from the system measured in the open space with a phonometer placed at 1 meter distance from the centrifuge itself, far from sound reflecting surfaces, is 75 dB(A) (measured in accordance with the EN ISO 3746 standard). “MACFUGE 181 OM M 2 S” model is intended only for industrial application; a place where the centrifuge is to be used shall be inside the building, always covered with a roof and protected against weather conditions.

High-speed separators

MACFUGE 325 is a “self-cleaning” separator with automatic ejection of solid phase separated during normal operation. Acceleration of the product to the speed of fast rotating bowl is reached thanks to a special component called Distributor (10), shaped to minimize shear forces and to avoid the excessive power consumption and emulsion-related risk. The distributor operates and communicates with the separation disc field (Disc Stack, 11), where the physical separation takes place. Liquid phases, separated depending on their specific weight, are extracted by means of centripetal pumps (Pairing Discs; disc type, 8 and 7). Manual valves installed at outlets are useful for adjustment of backpressure acting on paring discs: proper adjustment/tuning will allow operator to get the proper setting of liquid / liquid phase borderline inside the bowl, thus optimizing the efficiency of the separation process. A series of outlet products (2, 3) – a set of flexible hoses, an inspection glass and pressure control valves. The solid phase is collected in the sedimentation space (sludge volume, 12) and discharged automatically through the opening in the bowl. Time of opening (volume discharged) and frequency of discharge are configurable and started by opening/closing of solenoid valves that are mounted on a tap water line (5). Depending on time setting, the machine is ready to reach partial or complete discharge of the bowl content: for partial discharge of the bowl content – the machine operation and product feeding are not stopped; in case of complete discharge of the bowl content, stop of feeding to the bowl is recommended.

separator wysokiej prędkości
separatory wysokiej prędkości

In both cases discharge operations are automatic and managed by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), which is controlled following a procedure set by the operator.
Structural parts of the bowl are made of duplex stainless steel, while other parts of standard stainless steel. Once standard operating conditions are reached, the sound level from the system measured in the open space with a phonometer placed at 1 meter distance from the centrifuge itself, far from sound reflecting surfaces, is 80 dB(A) (measured in accordance with the EN ISO 3746 standard). “MACFUGE 325 OM M 3 S” model is intended only for industrial application; a place where the centrifuge is to be used shall be inside the building, always covered with a roof and protected against weather conditions.

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